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Bhaarath Vijay Ramesh (born: 4 December 1989) is a Chennai born User Experience Designer currently working in Opex Analytics. He got is Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (SVCE). Before Ideas2IT, as a fresher, he was in Cognizant Technology Solutions as Programmer Analyst Trainee, where he was trained in HTML/CSS and JQuery. He trained himself HTML5 and CSS3, which made him a good UI Developer.

Bhaarath was always into Arts/Drawing during his childhood. He have won many prizes in Drawing Competition in his schools. This interest, gave him an opportunity to be User Experience Designer. He has created many visual designs for different projects in Cognizant and Ideas2IT Technologies. As he is well versed in UI Development, he acted as Front End Developer for multiple projects in which he gave his best for the projects.

His friends from School and College call him as 'Bhaarath'. He is a very friendly person. He gives respect all time to people around him, which makes him one of the best team player to work with. For his extraordinary work in eSurvey Project as UI Designer, Front End Developer & Team Lead, OneCognizant Team rewarded him with 'AWARD OF EXCELLENCE' for the Quarter-2 in 2013.

Early Life & Personal Life

Born in Chennai, Bhaarath grew up in Veppampattu - Tiruvallur, a neighbourhood of Chennai. His high school was Bhakthavatchalam Vidyashram, Korattur. Bhaarath is very fond of pets, he has a labrador name 'Rooney' where he spends most of his time with him, when he is in home.


Bachealor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication (2007-2011)

Bhaarath graduated in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (SVCE), one of the finest engineering college in Chennai, India.

The Pulpit Rock
Photo taken in 2010, during Bangalore-Mysore Trip with College Friends

Master of Business Administration (2013-2014)

After 2 years from under graduation, he enlisted to do MBA (Project Management) in Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. He attended the online classes regulary and made use of the knowledges obtained in his office works, which gave him much experience in project management.

Work Experience

Cognizant Technology Solutions (July 2011 - May 2014)

Bhaarath got placed at Cognizant during College Placements in 8th December, 2010. He joined Cognizant on 21st July, 2011. Bhaarath was trained in HTML/CSS, DotNet and SQL Server. But he was more interested in HTML/CSS and jQuery. He trained himself in UI Development and became the Front-end Developer of all his projects. His work on eSurvey application (Online Survey Tool for Cognizant Associates) as Front-End Developer and Team Lead gave him recognition among other Cognizant Portfolios. While working on eSurvey Application, he practised as an User Experience Manager, where he created wireframes & prototypes, for other projects. He also got trained in Photoshop and Illustrator to create visual designs.

Ideas2IT Technologies Pvt Ltd (May 2014 - March 2015)

He quit Cognizant in April 2014 and joined Ideas2IT Technologies as full time Senior UI Designer. As he is already well versed in HTML/CSS and jQuery, he acted as Web Developer as well. As a single, he designed multiple projects in iOS and Android. He mastered in Wireframing, Prototyping in Balsamiq. With experience grows other skills, for Bhaarath carefully did thorough research on User experience and incorporated it in his projects.

YuMe Pvt Ltd (April 2015 - March 2016)

Bhaarath joined YuMe in April 2015. Within days of joining, he was able to prove his potential in working under pressure to the higher managements in YuMe. He was given 44 pages of HTMLS to be developed within a span of 3 days. He dedicated himself to the work and completed his work in 2 days. He made sure the work is quality and reusable for the application developers. In that time, he also learned SASS, Grunt and Compilers, which makes work easier for the Web Developers.

Bhaarath was asked to work on UI/UX Revamp on one of YuMes precious product. He with his lead, spoke with all the departments in the company, to the users, the product team and came up improved UX for the product. He created the Visual Designs and developed the HTML Prototypes all by himself for nearly 110 pages. His work was much appreciated and highly patronized by all the departments from the company.

Opex Analytics (March 2016 - Present)

He joined Opex Analytics in March 2016. He joined as a UX Designer presentation. He is passionate about re-inventing the design of Web Applications and Mobile Applications for both Android & iOS. He strives hard in putting Design & User Experience at the heart of product development


Professional Skills


Professional Tools



Bhaarath has worked in Web Applications, iOS Applications and Android Applications. Here is a list of his office projects he have worked so far.
Year Project UI Designer UI Developer Team Lead
2011 Know Your Leader Yes
2012 Say Thank You Yes Yes
eSurvey Yes Yes Yes
2013 CMargin Yes
2014 TapGenes Yes Yes
Califta Yes
Usher Yes
2015 Cohort Yes
AstroIndia Yes
Coffee App Yes
Advertiser Product Yes Yes

In his free hours, Bhaarath doesnt waste time, he spends time in designing different concepts from his ideas. Here is a few list.

Awards & Achievements

The Pulpit Rock
Bhaarath receiving AWARD OF EXCELLENCE from Sukumar Rajagopal. Photo taken during ADAPT Summit 2013.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Bhaarat has won the `Significant Outreach Volunteer` among his STORM Account in Cognizant. Sukumar Rajagopal, (Ex-CIO - Cognizant) appreciated Bhaarath`s efforts as a volunteer for TALHUNT 2013 in his blog . His most important achievement as a volunteer is he spread the importance of Organ Donation through blogging in Cognizant, 3 people contacted him personally and informed they have registered for Organ Donation reading his blog.

In 2012, he is part of a Non-profit NGO, TEAM EVEREST, founded by KartheeVidya Volunteer (The most influenceble person). Most of the weekends, he used to spend time with rural-government students helping them out in their education.

Recently, Bhaarath was given a life-time opportunity to create a website called 'SMILE 100'. SMILE 100 initiative is to find the 100 poorest of poor children and help them through out the life to complete their schools and college. He worked with KartheeVidya on daily basis, gathered requirements, worked on White Board Model, Created Visual Wireframes and successfully created the HTMLs for it. The website is being developed by other volunteers, which is to be launced soon.


Apart from being a Designer, Bhaarath is pretty good at photography. He started practising photography from October 2013. As of now he has clicked more than 500 pics. He loves to travel a lot with his DSLR. He has been to Pulicat Lake - Nellore(AP), Pichavaram - Chidambram, Munnar - Kerala, Madurai and Kodaikanal. He have also did candid photography for his friends weddings. You can find all of his clicks in here - Bhaarath Vijay Photography.